Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not going well

Well blogging hasn’t been going so hot. But in my defense I was super busy with Taylor’s Slumber party and then getting sick.

First let’s start with Taylor’s party. It went really well. She got to invite 3 friends and we got a hotel room with snacks, pizza, drinks and cupcakes. There was an indoor pool that was the main part of the party and they played twister, did nails and face masks. Fun was had by all and I was one tired Momma when it was all over. Sunday we just vegged out.

THEN Monday hit…………… I woke up not feeling quite right. I took a shower then got super dizzy and threw up. YUCK! I just started to feel worse and worse after that. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday. I wish I could have another day but I knew I needed to be back at work and my fever was gone so I made it happen. It is Wednesday but feels like Monday and I am just tired and grumpy.

At lunch time some jerk parked so close to my car that I could not get into it. I had to try and unlock it and walk around and climb over the passenger side in a SMALL mustang. OUCH… that just didn’t help my day!

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