Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kitty turkey time

Well the kitties have been doing really well outside. Okay well..... At first they were begging to get let back in! But as soon as Tony cut a whole in the garage door they were home free! We have beds in there and the food and water dish. Cozy pozy!!!!! 

Thanksgiving came and went. Turkey and all the fixins were so good! Time with family was good but went too quick! I was sad because Tony and Baylee couldn't come so some of my family was missing. When I got home I rested and got Christmas decor in the house ready to put up!! Only thing up so far is our little tree! The bigger one will be later. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Currently we are living in a zoo. Let me lay it out for you. INSIDE we have 2 fish, 2 lizards, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Tony has always said he is allergic to cats but has been doing fine for the 1 we have had them. ( we took them in from Jeremy because his girlfriend is allergic) I didn't want them to be sent off to a shelter to die because lets be honest. They are old cats. No one wants old cats.

Well recently Tony's allergies have been going CRAZY. He is so miserable I just feel awful. We have decided to buy them a cozy cat house and fill it with lots of hay and blankets and transition them to outdoors. Taylor and I have talked about how they may do well and may not. One or more MAY run off or get out and get run over. She understand but would rather take the chance of them being here with us in the yard than in a scary pin of a shelter. I agree...

So the search is on for a kitty house they can snuggle in. Fatty has been loving his outdoor time. He now sits by the back door meowing so we will let him out. Noble and Babygirl are not as excited. They will go out but after about 10 min they sitting by the back door meowing to get back in. But good ol Fatty will be rolling around in the grass. :) So we know he will be ok.

Time will tell. Wish us luck!