Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Parade and SANTA!!!!

*BLOGGER is really pissing me off because I like to make my photos LARGE and for some damn reason it won't let me, or if it does it will only on 2 or 3 photos. SO sorry if you have to squint :(
Friday night Taylor and I got bundled up and went out to main street to see the annual El Dorado Christmas parade. It was cold and they started LATE but luckily it was short and we got in line early to see Santa.

Tony and Baylee met up with us right before it started. See below little Tay is waving to the people in hopes of candy throwers.. Either they didn't throw this year or they ran out (we were at the end of the line)

Taylor was so so so nervous to talk to Santa this year. It was very sweet. She has been talking about what she would say to him for days before. She climbed up on his lap and asked for a Pegasus.
On the car ride home she stated " Dang it, I should have told him a STUFFED Pegasus!! He is going to think I meant a REAL ONE??!!!" I assured her he would know what she wanted.

Then I have a flash from the classic movie The Christmas Story. I asked her if he asked if she had been a good girl this year? and she said NOPE he didn't ask that.
Then just like the dad on Christmas story I said " OH he knows. He always knows."

Tuesday, December 4, 2012