Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Well it is Wednesday and I am finally caving and going to take a few more hours of vacation time. Like a whole 8 hours!! I plan on using my extra day off packing, cleaning and wrapping anything left. Headed to the big AR on Friday. We are celebrating early because my sister only gets Christmas Day off work. So we will load up the blue pony and head south.

We are planning on just relaxing at home and celebrating with a big fiesta. All Mexican food and all you can eat! There will be dips and chips and cheese and beans.

THIS LADY WILL BE IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Feliz Navidad to you and yours!!!! I will try to blog from my phone when I get a chance and if I have signal.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Monday (the week before Christmas break) and I am already bored! All students are gone. Most all instructors are gone. Boss is gone. So I sit and think of little things I can do around the office but we already cleaned, and organized. We finished up things for the year so I have no projects waiting.

Of course I can think of a million things at home I need to be working on.
1. Cleaning house
2. Wrapping presents
3. Laundry
4. Napping
5. Dishes
6. Snuggling with my puppy

Very important stuff!!!!!
Hopefully I can hang in there and survive this week. It is always a tough one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Paradise Valley

So for and AWESOME Christmas present I got my lovely sister a ticket to John Mayer (Paradise Valley). John has been off tours for over 3 years now due to a throat issue. For a singer this is a BIG DEAL. So he rested and is better than ever. So Lacey and I met my aunt Becky and Uncle Dana for dinner then off to the Intrust Bank Arena. We found our seat on the floor (AWESOME I KNOW) Get got ready for Phillip Phillips to open up for John.

Now let me tell you I loved John Mayer’s music before but after hearing it live and getting to see him perform and hear his voice, OH MY GOD! I will always be a lifelong fan! I wanted to walk out of there and buy every bit of music this beautiful man has ever made. 

(I didn't take this video but it was taken at the concert I was at, my videos have too much of me and Lacey Screaming LMAO )

I am STILL glowing from this and will never forget it. I can't wait till he comes back to Kansas because you can BET I will be going!

Thanksgiving and sides

So much has happened and I know you get the same shpeal over and over but ladies and gentlemen I have been BUSY!!!!!!!!! Photography was BOOMING this fall and I could barely keep up. That is GOOD! Taylor turned 7 and is really enjoying 1st grade.

We work on spelling and sight words every night. So instead of listing all the awesome things we have been doing I will just talk about Thanksgiving till now. Thanksgiving was GREAT! Weather was perfect and food was plentiful. Lacey and the girls were there, Brook my brother and his girls were there, Tony and Baylee came out. It was a FULL house of  family and friends.

That Sunday Lacey and I attended the John Mayer Concert, but that was such an awesome night it deserves a blog post all on it’s own J He did NOT disappoint!!!