Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So just a little daily update. Taylor and I have been working on spelling in the evenings.

She is just like her mommy and gets so frustrated so fast. But when I find creative ways to 

study and test she seems to do better. We come home and she plays while I make dinner, 

do dishes. We work on spelling and sometimes simple addition, subtraction. Dinner, Bath 

time then she plays a little more. She reads a book to me every night and then I read one 

to her. Then lights out!. Then it is time for me to make a cup of tea and read magazines, or 

watch the TV I want to watch. I enjoy our little evenings they are sometimes stressful 

and chaotic ( when she isn't in the mood to work ) but we pull through. I am excited 

because Friday is Valentine’s Day and I am helping at her class party. I always volunteer to 

help at Halloween and Valentine’s day. It is so fun!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We are working on things. We are going to make this work. Talking talking talking. Growing growing growing. When the love of your life comes to you and asks you to please don't go.

You don't go. So I listen to my heart and stay.