Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello Friday

The weekend is licking my heals and I am ready for it. This was the first week of school at work and the college is hustling and a bustling!! I have been joking that I am drowning in dead trees! TOO MUCH PAPER on my desk!! But the days sure go by fast!

No real plans for this weekend. Taylor is with her Daddy and Tony works Sunday. I plan on going through Taylor's clothes again and maybe mine too. I want to take some walks if the weather is decent. I sure have the FALL FEVER..I know I just said that but I can't help it!

So I may have to make some pumpkin chili or pumpkin muffins and snuggle up with a good book thinking of cool temps. and camping trips!

School Days

Well the first day came and went and all is well. Taylor loves her class and new teacher. She was pretty excited to go today. They were doing a science experiment on what can keep an apple from turning brown. They had lots of liquids to choose from. She chose apple cider vinegar. The teacher chose mountain dew! I am interested to hear the results.

Here are a few shots of the first day.

Now get ready to tear up.......or maybe that is just me!!!!!

I love that little stinker!!! That smile is the best thing on earth! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A year later!

So looking at my last post and a year has flown by. I tried to start a blog on word press but I just couldn't get the hang of it. So instead of copy and pasting all that over I just decided to let you know I am starting back with good ol' blogger! I didn't post much on word press anyway.

SO............we moved in and life is good. It has been a year. Taylor has finished second grade and Baylee has taken on middle school. Tony got let go from the college and last you knew I was being let go as well. WELL I got hired on in the Human Resources office at Butler and LOVE IT!! They keep me busy and I just think this will be my forever home. In September I will have been at Butler for 8 years. The longest I have ever worked anywhere. Tony still is busting his buns at the fire station but he also manages a local restaurant. The Chop House. He is really good for that place and has more passion to make it a great restaurant. My only complaint is that he works too much!! But I also love that about him.

School starts tomorrow for Taylor. 3rd Grade! We have a bunch of new clothes and some shoes. She just came down with strep throat this last weekend so she couldn't go to the ice cream social last night, but since she has been on meds for 24 hours she will be good to go to school the first day. Thank Goodness! That would be the pitts if she was sick the first day!

Baylee is going to be in 7th grade and they don't start till Thursday. That gives the 6th graders time to get use to the new middle school. She is all set with new clothes and shoes too. They are both growing up so FAST!! I don't think either of them are ready for school to end. I kind of am, but only because I am ready for FALL.

My favorite season of all time. That deserves a post all its own :)

Feels good to be back blogging..I will see if I can keep it up this time.