Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When I look at her

At dinner tonight I watched my beloved daughter. I know every parent thinks this but I was just enchanted with her beauty. I was delighted with her little movements. I was entertained with her conversation and stories. Every little move made me smile and well up with pride.

I MADE this!
She is part of ME!

I am helping to mold a beautiful, strong, funny, caring, witty, smart woman.

Then as  her long eye lashes reached for the table when she looked at her plate. I thanked GOD for my blessed life.

And then she smashed all her peas and made what she called "Pea Salad"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shedding the winter coat

I can feel it! Spring is trying really hard to poke it's little head around the corner of this winter that WONT QUIT and hey "hey....I am coming...."

Well I can't wait. The only thing that makes me hesitant to want warmer weather is Less Clothing.

See in the winter you can cover up those rolls and chunky arms. Spring hits and there are so many cute dresses and short sleeved shirts. YIKES!

Sarah is shedding her winter coat of frump and once AGAIN going to eat better and move more. Only thing I can do is keep working on making me better. Inside and out.

Luckily I have a good supply of hard boiled eggs from our Easter egg coloring adventure at Grandma and Grandpa's house. So those and fruit are my breakfast lately. YUMMY!!! I have been having soup or frozen lean cuisine for lunches with fruit. Then dinner is usually where I slip up. So I am planning some meals real soon!!!

Now lets get this warmer weather happening!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I came across a person in need yesterday and while we are ALL broke right now, I felt the need to help. I gave the stranger with the filthy back pack and hand made sign $20. Maybe that is too much money, but who's to say.

I felt so good as I drove away. I think I need to volunteer more or find a way to give back because that feeling doesn't just come enough in my day to day life and I want to feel that way much more.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I am always on the hunt for a yummy meal or treat that isn't too bad for my waist line. I found a recipe for banana ice cream and it sounds so simple and yummy!!!! Check this out!


I have used frozen bananas in smoothies before but this is pretty much just as easy for a sweet treat!
Or check out these little treats!!! I bet they would be so yummy in the summer!!

Then for the meals:
Check out this yummy looking Sandwich!

Another meal that has me drooling is this Weight Watcher Bubble up Enchiladas!!

If you are not drooling yet then you are crazy!!!!