Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy and Busy

OH my body is tired!!! I have worked out and walked more this week than I have in a long time and it is AWESOME! I am really motivated to keep going and it feels so good. I am not sure what took me so long to WAKE UP but I am awake now and making a healthier life!

Plans for the weekend:
Tonight I am going to cook a healthy yummy dinner for Tay and Tony. Not sure what yet, but it will be GOOD!
Saturday I think Tay and I are going to go watch Baylee's soccer game and then Tony, Tay and I will head to Wichita. Might hit up Botanica or the Great Plains Nature Center. Who knows, but there will be lots of walking and sunshine.
Sunday Taylor and I will be coloring eggs because I don't have her on Easter weekend. I love me some boiled eggs!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Healthy Life

I am feeling so good! I have been eating cleaner and moving more than I have in months and it is WORKING because I lost 5 pounds in a week. I have been taking every opertunity to hit the YMCA and take walks. Last weekend I took two long walks in one day. First one was 2.25 miles in the morning with my sweet little puppy and the second was 2.25 miles in the afternoon with my boyfriend's daughter. I am thinking she might be a good walking partner :)

I have really been enjoying planning my meals out and prepping them on Sundays. No excuses anymore. I have a long way to go but am ready to face it and conquer it!