Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kitty turkey time

Well the kitties have been doing really well outside. Okay well..... At first they were begging to get let back in! But as soon as Tony cut a whole in the garage door they were home free! We have beds in there and the food and water dish. Cozy pozy!!!!! 

Thanksgiving came and went. Turkey and all the fixins were so good! Time with family was good but went too quick! I was sad because Tony and Baylee couldn't come so some of my family was missing. When I got home I rested and got Christmas decor in the house ready to put up!! Only thing up so far is our little tree! The bigger one will be later. 

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  1. Eek, darn allergies! You know I can relate, but glad to hear they've got a cozy corner in the garage, rather than having to send them off.