Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Finally after a week of sick not sick I think i am finally feeling back to myself. I HATE feeling sick and basically being under the weather just plain sucks! This Labor Day Holiday was not what I had imagined in my head but hey that is how life goes. I have been taking my vitamins and drinking my fresh pressed juice. YUM

Taylor is 9 and had a great weekend with her Daddy. The family went down to Oklahoma and took her to Frontier City. So Cool!! She is so spoiled but not too bad.. hahahaha. One think about Taylor is she is spoiled more than some but she truly shows gratitude and doesn't just expect her gifts. She makes sure she gives out plenty of hugs and thank yous when she is given things.

I got her back yesterday afternoon and she helped me clean house. Well I cleaned and she mopped and picked up. She helped me make fresh juice and even tried them as they came out of the juicer. Surprisingly she liked the cucumber apple combo.

Well since this week started a day late we are just that much closer to Friday! YAY!!

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