Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Johnny Appleseed

When Taylor and I lived in the apartments she LOVED planting any seed we got our hands on just to see if it would grow. Well we planted lemon seeds, avocado seeds, apple seeds. Our apple seed and avocado seed grew. The apple started getting BIG, so we keep moving him to a bigger and bigger pot. When we moved in with Tony we ended up planting him out in the yard.

Taylor named him Johnny Appleseed. Well Johnny is doing pretty good. We have talked about future apple picking and the joys of having an apple tree in our front yard. We water him and love him.

Just this week a note was put on our door that they are repairing gas lines in our neighborhood. When I look into the neighbor's yard that they have started on I see the front is ALL dug up.. then I look over at our yard and the is right where Johnny is!!!! Tony said they will cut or knock down anything in their way and they have the right to do so.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must save Johnny! Taylor would be so upset ... So I begged Tony if he has time today to put Johnny in a large planter and we can either replant him or keep him inside for the winter. I just hope we can do it in time before they start digging!

So stay tuned on the saga that is Johnny Appleseed.

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