Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The holidays came and went and now I am broke. With the cold weather making photography slow I am literally counting my change to get through to the next month. This isn't fun and makes me sad. Will my life always be like this? Will I be stuck in this little apartment barely scraping by for the rest of my life?

I wanted so much more for myself.

Spending my 30’s single and broke isn't what I pictured. I had dreams like everyone else, of a life filled with love, a happy family, a house, a yard, vacations, back yard BBQ, growing old with someone.

I know there are TONS of people worse off.  I am only 33 and there are still lots ahead of me (I hope) but today I am in the dumps feeling like this life is sucking me down. Pushing me into a place I will be stuck in forever.

So for now I am just breathing, going through the motions. What else can I do?  Life goes on.


  1. You are young, you are healthy, you have a beautiful daughter, and you have a family that loves you! Spring is coming....things will look up.

  2. You are young, healthy, you have a beautiful daughter and a family who loves you. Spring is coming. Things will look up!