Monday, July 1, 2013

Night at the carnival

LOVE IT when the carnival comes to town! This year it was bigger than we have seen and Taylor just could not wait to ride the night away. I shelled out the money so we could ride unlimited rides and I made sure we got our money's worth!!!!!

Taylor was so so so scared of the Faris Wheel, but
The first ride I wanted to go on was the BIG BEAUTIFUL faris wheel. It was HUGE

We rode the Tilt-a-Whirl so many times I am still seeing circles!! I love that ride and Taylor and I have it down so we can get it going so fast!!

Tony and Baylee showed up so I was happy to take a break from the more SCARY rides!

She finally was brave enough to try it again and it was cool now witht he lights glowing and we could see so far in the city.  The night was magical and everything I remembered when I was a kid going to carnivals.

At the end of the night we found a May Fly and Taylor was pretty excited that he picked the carnival to spend his only day on Earth. (they only live one day ya know)

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  1. Love Love Love these pictures! I can feel the heat and hear the excitement! I am almost getting sweaty! These are great Sarah!