Friday, November 30, 2012


We headed south for Thanksgiving to visit the Kohl girls!! ON the way we had a potty break at Big Brutus... Pretty cool!!

Tay got to catch up with her cousins and enjoy the weather....

Aunt Lacey tried to talk her into going hunting but my baby is an animal lover not a killer.

Lacey's oven when to the crapper right as it was time to cook the turkey!! But that didn't keep us down.. we just got the charcoal out and grilled that baby. It was DELISH!!!!!

Not sure why I didn't take any pics of the other food??? OH yeah I was too busy eating it!!!!!

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  1. When I was in college, Big Brutus was a working shovel and we'd take picnics out to the pit it was digging just to watch it and pass the time by. Cheap thrills. Looks like your sis has a nice yard..lots of trees! : )